Ongoing Mobile Shredding Service

Regular Shredding Service SydneyTotal Shredding Sydney has flexible solutions to handle the smallest or largest document destruction requirements.

  1. We are available for one off, regular or on-call pickups form your workplace.
  2. We operate to the highest possible industry standards and.
  3. Our people, processes and equipment are independently audited to ensure industry best practice.
  4. Only mobile onsite shredding eliminates the risks involved with transport, storage and sorting of documents prior to shredding.
  5. To document the process a Certificate of Destruction is supplied for every service – on the spot, at no extra charge.
  6. With our onsite service, clients have court defensible risk mitigation in regards to document disposal.
  7. This first class security is supplied by a responsive, flexible and service focused local business.
  8. An ongoing shredding service is cheaper than shredding yourself in-house.

So much of what is discarded in the normal course of business contains information that is potentially damaging if it were to find its way into the wrong hands. We help Businesses manage this risk with our secure onsite document destruction service.

Our regular service is based on the secure lockable bins we provide. In these you deposit documents ready for destruction.

On a predetermined schedule or on call basis we come by and shred the contents, onsite with complete security.

It costs far less to use Total Shredding than it does to shred in house!

Consider This:

You just drop your documents in the bins provided and we do the rest. A $40k employee shreds documents for 6 mins per day 220 working days per year – total cost per year is $526.

If the in-house shredder works for 10 minutes per day this equals a direct wage cost of $877.

A secure shredding service with Total Shredding using a 240ltr locked bin shredded 4 weekly cycle will easily cope with this volume of paper and cost around $520.00 annually.

You save $357 per year shredding 3000 pieces of paper per month. Remember this does not include the cost of equipment, waste removal, electricity or time taken to pre sort the documents.

If you generate less than 3000 pages of shredding per month you can still save by using an on-call service and only have the bin securely destroyed as required.

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An office store room with old documents piling up. A perfect job for Total Shredding!

Mobile Shredding Company - Archive ShreddingMany businesses have old files with sensitive information that they would like to dispose of but because of security concerns with current disposal methods the files are stored. These old files fill many back rooms, garages, basements and storage facilities.

We can destroy your old or dated documents, onsite with complete security. No job is too big or too small.

The shredding solution is very simple, highly secure, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

  • We come to wherever your files are stored
  • We load the files onto our mobile shredding truck and destroy them onboard then and there.
  • The shredded material is collected onboard the truck and taken away for recycling.
  • You are always welcome to witness the destruction process.
  • We supply a Certificate of Destruction for your records.
  • We can schedule archive shredding for a time that suits you, out of business hours if required.
  • No job is too big or too small.

Old documents held intact represent a risk for your business. They should be disposed of systematically and completely.

We supply a Certificate of Destruction Compliance for your business to display.

Research shows customers generally are very sensitive to protecting their personal information. This display certificate is there for you to build trustworthiness with your customers:

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