Sydney & CBD Secure File Shredding Services for Companies and Residential Files and Document Destruction Company

Old documents and paperwork can pose serious risks for businesses if they are not destroyed in a systematic, safe and secure manner.

Total Shredding provides a reliable and professional service to the Sydney area by taking care of the important aspects to provide you with valuable peace of mind, leaving you free to focus on managing your business.

Sydney document shredding and destruction services

We provide the following services:

  • Ongoing regular document shredding/destruction for companies and businesses, in a safe and secure manner
  • One-off document shredding/destruction for business providing reliable destruction requirements
  • Secure residential document shredding/destruction
  • Reliable hard drive destruction
  • Cost effective and efficient document destruction and shredding services.


  • This is cheaper than providing the service yourself.
  • Every service comes with a Certificate of Destruction at no extra charge.
  • Your document disposal is secure using our onsite service, operating at the highest level of security.
  • We are independently audited to ensure industry best practices.
  • You are supported by a local business in a safe, secure and reliable operation.


  • We come to you.
  • You can attend the destruction process.
  • Nothing is too big or small for us.
  • You choose the time that suits you best.
  • We dispose of the shredded material on your behalf. Less fuss.
  • We issue you with a Certificate of Destruction to complete your record-keeping.


  • A quick and easy way to get rid of your household’s sensitive data.
  • Safe handling of obsolete insurance documents and superannuation statements.
  • Destruction of your financial data and banking statements.
  • Dispensing with utility bills and Telco accounts.
  • We supply you with a Certificate of Destruction and effective personal mind peace.


We use a Manual Disk Drive Crusher to bend the disk, effectively destroying its ability to fly under heads again.

You are issued with a Hard Drive Certificate of Destruction.

We record and sign off all Hard Drive Serial Numbers as destroyed.


Australian laws have changed and businesses and individuals who use and store consumer data should manage their information and data destruction in a safe, secure and reliable manner to comply with legislative requirements.

Laws around the disposal of e-waste have been reviewed and Total Shredding will provide your business with a reliable e-waste disposal solution.

Information which finds its way into the wrong hands can destroy your business.

Identity-theft is on the rise and sensitive information need to be protected and safely disposed of.

Protect all levels of the organisation and keep suppliers, clients, employees and the future of the business protected.


Signatures, Budget Information, Inventory lists, Tax File Number, Credit Information, Suppliers Information, Legal Contracts, New Product Information, Bids, Quotations.

And don’t forget about invoices, medical records, personnel records, marketing strategies, strategic report just to name a few.

The list is endless and keeps growing. Stay ahead of secure document destruction regulations to keep your business safe.


Our company is your reliable partner for safe, secure, and professional document destruction and shredding services. Staff undergo stringent background checks and drug testing to ensure the total integrity of good character.

Our staff are well trained and have all signed confidentiality agreements to safeguard your risk. We supply a Certificate of Destruction for every job performed. All our customers are provided with locked secure containers. Contact staff wear uniform and picture ID.

You can rely on us to provide you with effective, secure and safe disposal of your sensitive and private data and records, whether you are an individual or a small, medium or large business. Our trained and professional staff will provide you with an excellent document or hard drive destruction experience.

We stand for Safe, Secure, Cost Effective, and Reliable Destruction of Confidential Files and Business Documents.

Contact our efficient team for a pick-up or a quotation for your job, large or small. We can’t wait for your call to assists you with all your shredding and destruction needs. Our team is standing by to take your call right now. Don’t delay. Phone us right away on 02 9964 0774.

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